Astrology is a field of study encompassing the Mundane and the Divine.  It is psychological, spiritual, natural science and art. As a divination tool it taps into the intuitive and the feminine. As a discipline, its empirical rigor keeps us going deeper and deeper with intellectual excitement that matches the mystery.

"The positions of the heavens at a particular moment in time, by reflecting the qualities of that moment, also reflect the qualities of anything born at that moment.(...)One does not cause the other; they are synchronous, and mirror each other."  ~ Liz Greene                      

The Dance of Albion (circa 1795) William Blake

The power and radiance of energy fully released, beyond struggle, freed from all bondage and untruth.

Not understanding who I really was made my life very difficult for me.  I was conditioned into a belief system that was not my own. I wanted to change myself and fix all the things I was told were wrong about me.  I was boxed into a suffocating set of labels and values that were not my own.  We all are, and to the extent we understand our true nature is the extent we have a fulfilled life that is energized with love and purpose.

"The cosmos is within us.  We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself."  ~Carl Sagan

Most of us are trying to be something other than ourselves.  How will you feel when you are living from your truest nature?

  Freedom  ~   Peace  ~   Exhileration  ~   Joy  ~  Love

Understand who you truly are and why you chose to be born based on the blueprint of that magical moment of your birth.   Astrology is a discipline of understanding energy patterns.  A fundamental assumption is that at the point of your birth, the energies of that sacred moment are imprinted at the core level of your being.  Your unique energy pattern is what an astrology chart depicts.  That is the “fate” part.  You are who you are, and over millennia of recorded observation and correlation, astrology is very good at describing your energetic pattern.

To see and understand yourself in form in this lifetime frees you from trying to be something you are not.  The “free will” part is what you choose to do with essentially neutral energy patterns.  If you don't resonate with the basic assumption that the chart describes us in some way, then astrology is not for you.  If, however, you are willing to consider that assumption, then astrology as a tool supports the deepest levels of self-discovery.  Who you are is perfectly beautiful.

My work with you as an astrologer is only to help define, explore, validate, guide and at times push a little.  At the end of the day your answers are within.  I can confidently say based on years of personal experience and working with others that if used correctly, this tool is the fast track to getting to where you want to be in all areas of life that have meaning for you.


                                   FOR THE AQUARIAN AGE

- Understand your deeper life purpose and the karmic predicament of your

  soul. Understand why your chart is perfectly set up to take you there. I

  look at soul evolution within the context of past lives.

- Make the right choices for you and understand how, why and when the

  best choices for your life can be made.

- Know the cycles that you are in and what is being activated in your

  physical, emotional mental and spiritual planes.

- Create healthy relationships that match who you are.  

- Use the power of this understanding to create the best work for you

  instead of letting old and unconscious patterns run your life.

- Explode with the joy that comes with the journey, no matter how difficult

  some phases may be.

"Synchronicity has now become: Fractal theory, symmetry in Fibonacci number sequences.  Life as process, the structures of space." ~Nassim Haramein            

Astrology points the way to a clearer understanding of you, and answers some of the deeper "why" questions.  But in the end, the only authority to rely on is yourself.  Astrology gives you permission to explore untapped areas and discover your most powerful and enlightened self.