Pluto conjunct North Node in Capricorn:
Resistance is futile

Pluto is conjunct the North Node at 3 degrees Capricorn, November 5 – 21, 2010. I’m watching Stewart and Colbert’s “Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear” live as I write this blog and finding it a little surreal – not laughing much, but maybe that’s just my mood. Stewart’s ending statements are however, reflective of a basic faith in humanity, which I share. Patriotic posturing aside, here we watch an example of our evolution from fighting violence and hate with hate and violence, towards realizing that we are all in this together. We care and are more willing to share our concern and love for life on earth than the media would portray. This is an event that contributes or at least reflects the inspiration for deep and profound world change. We’re growing up.

Pluto is conjunct the North Node on an average every 17 years (with a 12 – 30 year variance due to the elliptical orbit) as it travels through the signs. I could describe this transit as a punctuation mark on the attitudes and climate of the day, which reflect our growth. It is a time when we see more clearly what needs to go and where we are heading. Astrology works with cycles and spirals, never coming back to an exact point in space but relooking at relevant themes and progress. The last time Pluto was conjunct the North Node in Capricorn (at 13 degrees) was 242 years ago, May of 1768. On May 10, just 3 days before the exact conjunction, the English radical journalist and politician John Wilkes was arrested (not for the first time) after winning an election and further threatening the sovereignty of the monarchy. 15,000 of his supporters had gathered, and with his arrest, tension led to riots. Seven people were killed in what was to become known as The Massacre of St. George’s Fields. John Wilkes struggles and writings inspired many who were leading the American Revolution at the time. The American Revolutionary War, which ended with a global war, began in 1775 with Pluto in the mid degrees of Capricorn.

The halfway point between the last Pluto/North Node conjunction in Capricorn and this one, occurred at 5 degrees Cancer in October, 1917. This was Red October, the month of the Great October Socialist Revolution. As we can see, the breakdown of obsolete systems with these Pluto (death and rebirth) Capricorn (the phenomenal structure of our systems) transits, escalates to global proportions with the nodal involvement. There has been much recently to support this process in the background, including the waxing Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) square Pluto round of transits and Saturn opposing Uranus. That said, this particular and pointed transit of Pluto to the North Node could be seen as a destiny event. The momentum of the universe is supporting us collectively towards a dynamic psychological accountability, as the timing of our growth and awareness is both defined and challenged to go to the next level.

While collapse and dissolution of the old and obsolete is inevitable, we can look back into history without going too far to see that change is both necessary and can bring a better way, so really there is nothing to fear. As Jon Stewart said at the Rally today, these are hard times but not end times. And, although the future may surprise and amaze us, somewhere in our psychic fields we all know at some level what we are creating together for tomorrow. Pluto transits of inevitable death and rebirth only come to a place of trauma or crisis when the inevitable change is denied or resisted.

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Resistance is futile

  1. kauakea says:

    mahalo, I have a new moon gathering and will share some of this.


  2. Melody Scott Zindell says:

    mahalo – and your New Moon Gathering sounds lovely. If I lived in Hawaii I would be there :)

  3. Our absolute favorite holding period is forever.
    No problem about people stealing your opinions. If your ideas are anything good, you’ll have to ram them down people’s throats.

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