The Child Comes From The Kingdom of God

Gustav Vigeland’s bronze sculpture at the Vigeland Park in Oslo is an esoteric image of the Capricorn / Cancer archetype. In the modern view of astrology, Cancer is at the bottom of the chart. This is the deepest and densest point of our experience of incarnation and symbolizes childhood. At this point we feel so deeply and our sensitivities are raw and personal. We are immersed in the emotional and material reality, forgetting where we came from as we embark upon a journey of experiences and lessons in the material world.

With the maturity of Capricorn, also symbolizing the wise elder, the veils are thinning and we can contemplate exiting the cave of forgetfulness. The Winter Solstice, or the day the Sun moves into Capricorn, is the darkest day of the year and the beginning of a new cycle of increasing light. But for awhile we rest in the great silence of winter. At least in the Northern Hemisphere. This same cycle of hibernation reversed in the Southern Hemisphere provides the balance of light and dark. However, the meme of the Capricorn Archetype in our collective unconscious remains the same.

This eternal cycle of death and rebirth can be literal. Pluto in the sign of Capricorn is a strong signature of death, especially lately with Mars going over the Pluto/North Node conjunction. It is also a period for us individually and collectively to notice where we need to depart from our paradigms of materiality and experience new states of consciousness that are more progressive, innovative, enlightened, universal citizenship, all of those Aquarius words, towards a higher level of Piscean illumination.

Total Eclipse of the Moon – Our Red Shadow

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  1. Stanley says:

    Nice sculpture…….This eternal cycle of death and rebirth can be literal.

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