Gimme Some Truth

Astrology can help us to transcend the boundaries of our reality, and we have a particularly strong portal of opportunity as I write this, with Mercury in opposition to Neptune, for those who are aware and paying attention. Because a meltdown is in progress, and that is as it should be, many are asking what is really going on.

We’ve been experiencing a taste of Neptune in Pisces as for the first time in 164 years this mystical planet dipped its toes into the waters for about 4 months. It then moved back into Aquarius on August 4, and will reenter into the sign of Pisces for the next 14 years beginning early February 2012. This brings the sense of total surrender that will be needed as the old paradigms that are being so roughly defended and shaken, dissolve before our eyes. Of course this is within the bigger picture of Pluto in Capricorn breaking down and rebuilding our physical and mental structures, and Uranus pulling us into new and unknown frontiers where no man has gone before. Both of these transpersonal archetypal patterns have also begun new cycles. And, we are at the end of a world age cycle defined by the precession of the equinoxes and described in World Age Doctrines such as the Hindu Yugas and the Mayan Calendar.

These are profound times. Traditionally, cycles and their endings involve transformations and renewals. We release the concerns of the previous cycle that need to be let go as we learn and grow. Cycles in the sky reflect cycles on the earth. Astrology as a system is not understood to delineate these grand world age cycles, but the system is based on the same principles and brings us a more granulated perspective, contributing to mundane and spiritual concerns heightened in these intense and confusing times as we transition into new paradigms.

Moving from the wide lens into a much narrower focus, against this backdrop we are experiencing a tricky short-term energetic pattern right now with Mercury in opposition to Neptune. Mercury, the archetype of mind and communication, travel, understanding and navigating our everyday life patterns and relationships, as well as business, commerce and by extension the economy is in opposition to Neptune, that otherworldly archetype of cosmic consciousness, unity, imagination, dreams and illusions. Bringing the music of the spheres into balance with mundane reality is never easy. Poetic and spiritual musings alternate with confusion, misunderstandings and even outright deceit. Dissolve and surrender are keywords that bring us into a higher frequency. Staying mindful, alert and discriminating also brings into focus what needs to go and what should stay. This transit can remind us through our imagination what new realities we can create.

Because speedy Mercury never stays in one place too long, these transits are usually just blips on a screen, but in this case Mercury has been within 1 degree orb of opposing Neptune since July 27 continuing through August 11, and then one more time on September 8, which might turn out to be an interesting day. However, this unusually long close aspect is also accentuated (and due to) Mercury changing directions. We also have both planets changing signs. So, July 29 – August 4 we experienced Mercury in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces. This axis, especially in the early degrees, accentuates the ideologies of the patriarchy that stem from control and lead us to believe that we are being victimized, and all of the blame and judgment that goes along with that. Then, as Mercury moves retrograde back into Leo, it opposes Neptune moving back into Aquarius from August 5 – 11 using a one degree orb. This Leo / Aquarius axis holds the energy of creative expression that serves the whole vs. the self on the high side, and ego created trauma on the low side. The September 8 opposition is still in the Leo / Aquarius axis at 29 degrees.

We can recognize these patterns on so many levels, in the US most notably the debt ceiling fiasco with subsequent credit downgrade, and the most deadly war incident with the helicopter crash in Afghanistan. From my para-political perspective, I wouldn’t be surprised if this period of time brought another “shock and awe” event that may make the 9/11 event look tame. This is a logical next step to regain control of a situation and population that is getting wise to what is really going on behind the scenes, and the general Neptunian haze we are under will further enlighten some, and put others into a deeper trance than ever.

But whether something that dramatic plays out or not, Mercury opposite Neptune and the events around this pattern will be very confusing and unsettling to some. The opportunity is to take a multidimensional leap in our conscious understanding of our world and universe and our place in it. Mercury / Neptune transits do bring inspiration, poetry, imagination, and vivid dreams. We can look at the veils thinning, truths exposed, ways of looking at the world dissolving, as something exciting and good, because it forces us to surrender our fixed ways of being that may not be suitable for the next cycle. This often also feels chaotic and overwhelming. So, we breathe, surrender, and ready ourselves for change. Much will be difficult, but I think some really exciting stuff is in store for us as well.

So, my question for any of you who wish to comment below is: What are some of your favourite ways to handle change and uncertainty with some measure of equilibrium and grace? And have you seen new ways of looking at things during this period or come to new understandings that sheds one more layer of feeling victimized? Can we feel how truly wondrous we are as step into new and beautiful multi-coloured mind sets?

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8 Responses to Gimme Some Truth

  1. Laura says:

    Love your grounded perspective and open heart. Thanks for writing . . . very helpful to me.

  2. Melody Scott Zindell says:

    Thanks for reading Laura and the feedback <3

  3. N~ says:

    Melody, The biggest thing for me is that I’ve been able to be objective about taking responsibility for myself. Instead of coming from that place of “they’re making me feel bad and I need to talk with them so they’ll see what they’re doing and stop it!” I’ve realized that I’m the one CHOOSING to feel bad, and I can just as easily choose to feel fine. “Their” stuff is THEIR stuff, not mine and something just clicked recently where I really got that piece. I’m responsible for MY emotions, and I’m the ONLY one responsible for them. It’s really freeing, it’s like I get to just sit back in some respects and observe, instead of trying to control. After reading your post, it all makes so much more sense to me. You’re amazing as usual!

  4. Melody Scott Zindell says:

    Yep – that’s it N. You’re amazing!

  5. Albert says:

    thanks for writing really nice…

  6. dave_t says:

    All I can say that since both neptune and chiron have gone into pisces I have been wrapped up in my own little reality/dream. I keep half remembering the plans I was too do, and then carry on doing my thing instead. And really nothing is disturbing/disrupting or dislodging me.

  7. Neil Ormsby says:

    Gimme Some Truth is my favourite John Lennon song.

    Even today I often play it.
    To me he was the Beatles and he was & still is such a big big loss !

    Lennon not McCartney

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