More Grand Sextile Buzz…

There is a lot of buzz about another Grand Sextile, talk about a portal of peace, goddess energy coming in and making everything better and so on. This is for today, Sunday August 25. We do have (today only) 2 Grand Trines and a Grand Square, but not the relatively rare and magical Grand Sextile (or Star of David as I called it) such as the recent one a month ago. There is a missing point that people may be inappropriately filling in with an asteroid or other point such as an ascendant. Nonetheless, we have extraordinarily powerful energy happening…right now! Today!

But, not to burst any bubbles, we are overall in times of tremendous and challenging change, of a somewhat cataclysmic nature as Uranus squares Pluto through Spring of 2015. This is the first square, a crisis in action energy that began with the Pluto conjunct Uranus cycle in the mid-60’s. What was set in motion then is being challenged and stimulated very intensely, very dramatically. We haven’t really even reached the middle of this square energy cycle, which officially began in Spring of 2012.

There is a lot of magic and deep catalytic transformation afoot – no doubt. And life can be quite amazing with instant and dramatic shifts in our personal lives if we stay in the driver’s seat and know the route and the astroweather. Powerful sacred geometry configurations in the universal planes that surround us on planet Earth, continue to burst into our consciousness – one after the other!

Although many of the changes have a catalytic or catastrophic effect that does indeed bring radical change very quickly instead of the slow but steady variety of change that may take millennia , we are still in the middle of a big storm. Thunder and lightening roar loudly this week.

This week we are challenged with “do not ignore me” energy demanding change in the mid degrees of the Cardinal signs. Jupiter is at 12/13 Cancer, Venus at 10 – 17 Libra, Pluto retrograde at 9 Capricorn and Uranus retrograde at 11 Aries. This is a productive if not easy time of asking the hard questions around relationships, money, survival needs and what we value. What is really important to us? What relationships deepen and which ones disappear? Are we truly living life from that glorious place of knowing our beauty, our worth and not settling in any area where we can choose differently? How do we want to spend our time? What do we really need and want? It’s time to start making changes towards those goals, dreams and visions. Personal boundaries become stronger than ever now. Equilibrium is demanded in relationship to anything in our life that is out of balance. Change will bring deep comfort.

We also have a water grand trine with Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn conjunct North Node in Scorpio and Neptune conjunct Chiron both retrograde in Pisces. This has been going on since earlier in July and will continue through the first week of September. It reflects the intense flow of emotions and change, for better or for worse. With awareness and work, this is a time of deep healing on many levels, but we are seeing it within the context of much pain and crisis. Healing is of a deep spiritual nature as we are becoming aware collectively of the deceptions and illusions in our lives and decide what part we play in bringing healing change to humanity and to ourselves. It is a very emotional time, bringing peace and balance to some and overwhelm to others. Healing through the emotions brings us to our next level of spiritual evolution.

The second grand trine is in the earth element and involves the Moon and so is only for today, Sunday August 25. We have the opportunity today of reaching a simple place of deep peace through shifts in our understandings and mental perceptions. It is a good day to evaluate and choose with care and discrimination what next step brings you to self-sufficient and grounding foundation from which to build the next phase of your life.

At 10:30 pm EDT Sunday, August 25, the Sun at 3 Virgo is opposite Neptune at 3 Pisces, for the next 24 hours. This energy has been building in some way and has now reached a point of evaluation and testing. Generally speaking the waves of compassion, empathy, service to others and deep concern for humanity has been strong. There have been so many victims and so many sacrifices. Perhaps it is time to shift the scales towards saying “enough victimization”. It won’t happen overnight, but boundaries strengthen and lines in the sand are drawn. Where do the early degrees of Virgo/Pisces fall in your chart?

At exactly 4:16 am EDT on Monday, the Moon is conjunct the South Node at 10:05 Taurus. This happens once a month, but within the context of current affairs and circumstances, perhaps it’s a good time to tune into feeling your sense of peace, security, worthiness and self-sufficiency. Beauty is all around.

At 10:10 pm EDT on Tuesday, Mars moves into Leo for about 7 weeks. This is going to be a very welcomed shift in energy that will be energetic and creative. As with any energy there is the more challenging aspects, which in this case can bring domineering and/or overly dramatic gestures, but all in all I am personally looking forward to a little extra strong yang energy to balance out the preponderance of yin we are swimming in right now.

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2 Responses to More Grand Sextile Buzz…

  1. rocky says:

    Hi Melody,
    How are you?
    Very insightful and informative. You mentioned Mars moving into Leo, I am a Leo rising. Please shed some light on this for me.

    thank you,

    • Melody says:

      Hey Rocky – Very generally speaking this is a period of your life lasting about 6 weeks that occurs every 2 years, where you have an opportunity to renew who you are fundamentally as a creative being and how you present yourself to the world. A turn of the spiral that brings a lot of energy towards showing the world who you are and what you can do. It should be a pretty positive time unless all that fire energy is causing ego challenges with others :)

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